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Members of the UCDU and Utah RVDA Can Save on Shopping

Did you know that IDS provides a discount some of the best dealers in the state? We have partnered with the Used Car Dealers of Utah and the Utah RV Dealers Association to offer discounts on our products and services.

Our plate and title service that we have offered for nearly 20 years qualifies for a discount of up to 25%. Services include a basic drop service where your paperwork will be completed in five days or less as well as an Emergency Walk Service where you can call us or go online and schedule a time that works for you to come in and wait for your plates and decals. Guarantee it will get done today by scheduling your Emergency Walk with us today.

Did you also know we offer forms and promotional products in our shopping area? We provide all the forms you need in your dealership. We make sure they are up to date and complying with the law. Discounts for members include between 10%-25% on various forms. We have reassignments, motor vehicle contracts of sale, test drive agreement, buyers guides (as-is), retail installment and security agreements, and much more.

We hope you consider allowing us help you keep your dealership in order. Call us, or come in to one of our three locations and we’ll help you get started.

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