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Dealer Education

IDS is dedicated to raising the professionalism in the Independent Auto Industry and, as a part of that dedication, is committed to assisting in the education of each dealer. IDS offers a myriad of education opportunities, from Finance and Insurance Training to Marketing Your Dealership, to Selling More Cars to More People for More Money.

These education opportunities are presented in a variety of ways to ensure that the best learning experience is gained by each participant.


New Dealer Compliance 

The Dealership Compliance Education Course is designed to assist those that are new to the industry, or those looking to refresh their knowledge of compliance requirements, in becoming a more compliant business person in the industry. Here you will find all the information you need to start your new dealership as a compliant one, or review and understand where changes can be made to make your current dealership compliant. 

Classes are in-person and taught the second Monday of each month. Each class registration include registration for up to three people, a Resource Guide for each in attendance, and a review of both State and Federal guidelines for being a dealer in the state of Utah. Register below or call us at 801.566.3802.

Registration Cost: $249.00

Dealer Renewal

The Dealer Renewal Education Class is a course dedicated to updating dealers on the newly passed legislation affecting their businesses, and is required annually for a dealer license renewal. All Utah dealer licenses expire on June 30th. 

IDS is the best resource of information concerning these issues. Unlike other education classes this information comes straight from the source. IDS’s legislative representatives are on the floor of the legislature and in the ears of the representatives, ensuring that your interests are both heard and considered.


The Webinar Series offered by IDS provides opportunities for your dealership to get various training on industry topics from the comfort of your dealership or home. IDS knows that compliance in the dealership comes in knowing the right laws and rules to follow. 

These webinars are provided at a discount to dealers that are part of the Used Car Dealers of Utah. 

Topics vary, but if you would like to see a specific subject, please let us know what we can provide your dealership. 

As topics and dates become available, they will be posted here.